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You already know that live and edited videos are a part of every business, especially since the pandemic lockdowns and the work-from-home explosion. Consumers expect video explanations and reviews of products and services before they buy, and businesses communicate with staff, vendors, clients, and job seekers in video meetings.

People want to know who they’re doing business with and they make judgements based on what they see and hear on video.

The BIG problem is that most people aren’t comfortable on camera, much less great, and most people don’t know about all the little mistakes in their videos that cause viewers to dislike or distrust them.

About Great On Camera

You are here because everybody in business has to be on camera, and we all want to make the best possible impression in video meetings and on recorded, edited videos. If we could just get people to see and hear the real us, we’d be so much more successful. Acting school would be a big undertaking and would only help a little for business and meeting videos. Plus, acting school doesn’t touch on things videographers know, that great actors don’t even realize. If only there was a school for people who need to be on video for business and want to make the best possible impression. There is…

Great On Camera was founded by Larry Becker after decades on camera for Fortune 100 companies like Canon, B&H Photo, Sony, Palm, Inc., and the National Association of Broadcasters, to help others…

Everybody is unique.
Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses when they’re on camera.
People need to understand potential issues first. Then they can fix them.

It’s not about acting. It’s about being real.
It’s about being your best, friendliest, most likeable self…
and making sure that comes across on camera.

Street Cred…

Larry has been on camera for some of the biggest names in business and he knows how to coach others to be their best.

What People Say About Us.

“In our new normal of the COVID-19 era, many of us have turned to the webcam and video meetings in place of school, work conferences, and many of us are spending our days on video conferences hosted by Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, FaceTime, WebEx and the like. And many of you are probably looking into the picture window at yourself and saying, "Really? I look that bad?" It doesn't have to be that way. We checked in with Florida photographer Larry Becker, who just wrote a book about how to improve our appearance called "Great on Camera," for some insights…"

– USA Today

“I have a stage acting background so being on camera doesn’t make me nervous, but Larry’s my coach because he keeps helping me fix little things I don’t realize I’m doing in my videos. I’m blown away how my sales have improved and my clients LOVE my video based messages!!! They rave about my customer service.”

– Shawn M

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