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—great on camera

Larry becker | host, Author, & Video Talent Coach

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Be Your BEST
On Camera—
Master Your Connection, Likability, & Credibility

On-Camera Talent Simplified

Be your best on-camera, eliminate mistakes (even the ones you don’t realize you’re making) and maximize your connection to build trust and make sales.

Video Tech Simplified

Whether you’ve only done simple videos with your smartphone, or maybe you’re a pro photographer who wants to add video to your still shooting business, Larry can show you how to make great videos.

What Describes You?

I Do Best with Personal Guidance

I don’t mind putting in the work to get better and improve. I just want the absolute fastest path.

A custom tailored strategy and personalized critiques along the way will help me be my best in the fastest way possible. 

I Want the Flexibility and Pace of Video Classes

I learn better from pre-recorded videos so I can watch things a couple times on my schedule.


I Need A Little Help with the Tech

I need to start by capturing videos that look good. I’m tired of looking through hundreds of YouTube videos from trainers who all think I want to be an indy filmmaker.


The Book: Being Great On Camera

Larry’s new book is packed with everything you need to know about being on camera, from non-verbal communication & body language, to the best ways to craft your message and be your true self on videos and livestreams.

The BIG reason this book is so popular is because it covers the “WHY” so you effectively implement all the little tips and tricks about being better on camera.

What is The Process Like?   

It depends…

For video class learning, you just sign up for a class
and watch it at your convenience.  

With  one-on-one help and coaching, the first session is free because we’ll both need to ask one another questions to see if working together makes sense. Then when we do work together I’ll provide you with a custom set of instructions, worksheets, and other tools. I’ll give you a link so you can privately upload your videos to me for review, and we can work together via Skype, Zoom, and email to get the exact finished product that
your audience needs.  

1. Initial Strategy Call Before Starting Coaching

Larry needs to know about your experience, your audience, your gear, and what you want to accomplish. The goal is to find out if Larry’s skillset matches your needs.

2. Resources for working on your self-identified challenges

You’ll be given custom sets of directions and you’ll get links to training videos, PDFs, and even custom created videos from Larry, which address your specific learning path.

3. Review of your videos to spot and fix the things you didn't even know you're doing

Sharing videos of yourself with Larry is an ideal way to get feedback on exactly what you’re doing. The work product. Not only will you learn ways to change your presentations, you’ll discover mistakes you don’t have to worry about because editing can eliminate them entirely.

4. Assistance with the tech at the level YOU need

Whether you’re a true novice and you just want to do your videos with a smartphone, or you’re an enthusiast or pro photographer who wants to create professional looking videos you can sell to clients, Larry can get you there. 
But it’s always JUST what you need and never over-the-top high end video gear like the stuff filmmakers use. That’s overkill.

5. Plan for future growth

Once you create your first video project or two, you’ll want to start looking at how video will integrate into your future workflow. There may be simple videos that will reach new audiences. Video might help minimize some customer service interactions. The possibilities are endless but your time isn’t, so Larry will help you develop your strategy.

About Larry

Having been on videos for more than 2 decades, Larry has done countless styles of videos for social media and webcast livestreams, packaged training videos in Sony electronics, training videos for high tech electronics companies like Canon USA, as well as commercial YouTube channels, and helped thousands and thousands of people with their camera gear, software mastery, and of course, on camera presence.

Larry calls on his years of experience in studios, small and large, to help entrepreneurs find their voice and build their Know, Like, & Trust abilities so they can connect better and sell more using online video.  

Larry says,
“It’s mission-critical to build trust if you want to sell anything online. And because videos communicate much more than just your words, people need to know all the little things about how be great on camera.”  


“I have a stage acting background so being on camera doesn’t make me nervous, but Larry’s my coach because he keeps helping me fix little things I don’t realize I’m doing in my videos. I’m blown away how my sales have improved and my clients LOVE my video based messages!!! They rave about my customer service.”
— Shawn M.

“I can’t speak highly enough about Larry’s course and the impact it’s had on my business. From the first time I tried it, it just worked!”
— Anthony S.

“I’ve worked with Larry for years. In the early days he helped me to improve my presentations and once I was dialed in on my style, he has helped me with everything from camera and audio gear, to lighting, graphics, and editing. And he keeps me on the leading edge with simple tech for my videos.”
— Gary C.

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