Larry Becker

The On Camera Guy

Helping you be great on camera 

(or behind the camera)

Hi, I’m Larry!
I’ve been on camera for more than 20 years
and I had to learn it all the hard way.
I love shortening that journey for others.

My favorite thing in the world, is helping people find their voice on camera and get their personality out there so people can know them and like them through online video.

My Story

Right after I got my degree in communications, I started doing training videos. They were on VHS. (If you don’t know what that is, you’ll want to ask somebody over 40.) 

Over the years I’ve been on thousands of videos and online streaming shows. I managed a multi-million dollar studio and video production team. I host national events like The National Association of Broadcasters convention (twice) and Photoshop World (dozens of times), and I’m always facing the camera.  

I love helping entrepreneurs find their voice and build their Know, Like, & Trust abilities so you can connect better and sell more using online video. 

My Values & Beliefs

Video is critical to business in 2020

There’s nothing that engages with clients and prospects online like video. Video has more than twice the engagement of static images and ads. Except for an in-person meeting, good video of people who represent your company, is the fastest way to build trust and get sales.

It's not hard to be better than the competition

Whether or not your company is the first among your competitors to jump into video, it’s not hard to be better than the competition. That’s because very few people on camera understand all the non-verbal communications that happen in videos. If you create great videos, not necessarily expensive ones, you WIN!

Most people don't realize some of the mistakes they make on camera

Audio quality, editing styles, lighting, body language, word choice, tone and pace, on-screen graphics, cutaway scenes, eye contact, even music, ALL affect the message you convey on video. Little mistakes that you don’t realize you’re making, can completely undermine your message.

Good video training, for regular people, is HARD to find

YouTube is a great place to go to learn how to fix your car or install a ceiling fan, but when it comes to training in a specific industry like video creation, it’s easy to pick the wrong instructor. Practically every video training out there is designed for people who want to create indy films and do movie-style cinematography. That’s overkill. You just need to simplest, most affordable solution that still looks professional.

My Approach

One size doesn’t fit all.

I’ve been on camera for more than 2 decades and I’ve trained countless people how to be better on camera. I had a lot of little issues I had to overcome to be my best on camera, and my clients have too. And while there is some overlap, there are some people who have very different issues. For example, a lot of people speak too softly when they’re on camera, but I have a couple of clients who naturally speak too loudly when the record button is on.

I design a custom set of exercises and coaching ideas that fit each individual, based on their target market, their strengths, their weak spots, their video content, and things we can fix with editing.

Sure, I have some recorded classes and I’ll be releasing more. I have a book all about being your best on camera, but my favorite approach is when I get to work with someone to help them make the best possible impact on video with the shortest path possible.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!