These 3 courses are the training foundation on which Great On Camera is built, and we’re excited to be able to make a special discounted offer!

 In 2019 these video courses were been available for purchase on and now, with the launch of Great On Camera, Larry is in the process of updating the courses to reflect new cameras and microphones that have been announced in the past year. Keep in mind, gear is a very small part of these courses so the training materials are still rock solid and very valuable today!

Once these video courses are updated to the 2020 version, they will no longer be available to purchase at these low prices. And the GREAT news is that anyone who purchases one or all of these courses, saves money because you’ll automatically get the updated version for no extra investment!!

(It’s like buying a great used car and automatically getting the new model year for free when it comes out.)

So sign up for 1 or all 3 and start learning today!!