Great On Camera (the book and this website) is designed to help everyone be better on camera for business. Maybe that means you need to be on camera to teach about your company’s products or services, or be the featured talent in a commercial, or maybe you need to be on live video meetings to make sales, provide customer support, or even interview for a job. Our list of classes continues to grow because there are all kinds of different needs, and everyone us unique in what they need to improve, so they can be better on camera.

One of the biggest problems is that there are subliminal things that happen with video, which can make us seem untrustworthy or annoying or arrogant or uneducated. When these things trigger our audience to leave or not buy what we’re selling, even they don’t know why. They just don’t like or trust us. 

In our courses you’ll learn all about these hidden secrets, and you’ll discover everything you need to know, to be your best. You can be Great On Camera