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Any time you have a skill others don’t have, that’s an advantage. And when that skill is strong, and beyond common understanding, it’s like you have a super-power. 
In business everyone needs to be on video for things like meetings, sales videos, training and explainer videos, social media promo clips, interviews, and more. Even if you’ve mastered verbal and nonverbal communications for in-person sales, training, business meetings, on-stage presentations, and job interviews… video technology and your presentation style on video, changes what people think about you in ways you could never imagine. Once you understand how and why that happens, and develop your related skills, you’ll be powerful in business and GREAT On Camera!
When you have company gatherings, your corporate events have an incredible impact on staff in most every part of their job. Successful events can improve morale and productivity, and make your company more profitable. But your next event could be the one where you give employees a new super-power.

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Being Great On Camera Isn’t Natural

Fixing anyone’s on camera problems starts with an understanding of what causes viewers to experience bad ‘vibes’ in the first place. Following Larry’s presentation, your team will be able to identify what they’re unconsciously doing wrong, or what their video setup is doing to undermine their credibility, and fix it with specific practice strategies, alternate video filming setups, and more. That’s what we teach.

Great On Camera author, Larry Becker shares insights, strategies, and tools that will empower each employee develop their custom tailored super-power any time they are on camera for video meetings, training videos, social media marketing, sales, customer service, or even TV commercials. That kind of super-power means great things for your bottom line!

With so much corporate communication happening on video, it’s almost unfair that quite a few components of live video meetings, and recorded and edited training and marketing videos, can make a presentation fall flat. Brilliant sales professionals have found that video meetings make it much harder to close the sale. Great corporate leaders have experienced staff seeing them as weak or untrustworthy on camera, when they’re dynamic and inspiring in person.

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Make Your Own Opportunities

Sales people make more sales when they connect with clients. People buy when they know, like, and trust a person or company. Employees work harder and more effectively when they connect with one another, clients, and vendors. And when the boss is likable and natural on those video meetings, it will generate respect and motivation.

You’ll be able to leverage audio, lighting, speaking style, facial expressions, pace, environment, video graphics, presentation style, and more, so that everyone watching will know, like, and trust any of your on-camera staff.

Everyone will be gifted new video super powers.


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